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Maricar Reyes Part 3 – Hayden Kho Maricar Scandal Part 3 – Sofa Version

Geesh! This just came in, there is a 3rd part. The Maricar Reyes Part 3 of the Hayden Kho – Maricar Reyes Saga. A true Trilogy! This time the venue is outside the room, on the sofa (salas).

While the Maricar Reyes part 1 and 2 were “hidden”, this time, according to source, both Maricar and Hayden talked to the camera. I haven’t seen the video yet so I can’t verify but the photo above shows that they are in front of the camera.

If this is true, can Hayden actually use this video for his defense? I mean with this video, it will prove that Maricar Reyes knew about the video recording after all. (although in the first two videos…i don’t really think she knows it).

So there you go! There is a Maricar Reyes Part 3.

Update: Maricar Reyes will be guest actress in May Bukas Pa.   Maricar will be playing as a “taong grasa” or a street vagrant whom Santino helped after being bullied by the public people


Maricar Reyes and Hayden Kho Scandal

So what’s the latest in the Maricar Reyes and Hayden Kho Scandal.  Well apparently, there will be a Senate Hearing about this.   The camp of Hayden is lobbying for a closed session meaning it will not be public.  It will be done in closed doors to protect the people from further humiliation.

As of the moment, there is no word about Maricar Reyes.    In fact among the 3 women in the video scandal,  only Katrina Halili has gone out and pursue a case against Hayden.

Some of the players that might be asked to attend is  Erik Chua, and Bistek which are friends of Hayden who allegedly are the ones responsible for releasing the videos.  Erik Chua appeared to the media people a few days ago to clear his name.

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